Support Services

Web Access Portal - Integrating Pharmacy and Facility Communication

MedCare’s Web Access Portal is designed to maximize communication between the pharmacy and facility and reduce the burden of medical records keeping and reporting for nursing staff. Refills can be ordered online right from the nurse’s station. Physicians and Nursing Administration can access records from other locations as desired. This system will save countless nursing time hours weekly.

DPW Inspection Support

Periodically, our pharmacy will send a Pharmacist, Technician, or Nurse to your facility to review charts and conduct a pre inspection audit to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. At time of survey, we will send a Pharmacist to your facility to assist and provide support during the entire survey process.

Leave of Absence Medications

MedCare LTC will supply all necessary medications to any resident going on leave on a timely basis. It is the responsibility of the facility to ensure that a resident leaving the facility on a leave of absence (LOA) has all of the medications that he/she will need.

  1. The facility will notify the pharmacy of all impending LOA’s, with a 72-hour advance notice whenever possible, including length of LOA.
  2. The facility will review the resident profile and provide the pharmacy with all needed medication information for the involved time frame, including exact quantities required.
  3. Facility should also notify pharmacy of need for inhalers, insulin, prn medications, etc.
  4. The LOA medications will be labeled as per state regulations, and delivered to the facility in a timely manner.
  5. Please specify if requesting an alternative dispensing system.

Disposal of Medications

MedCare will dispose of all expired and unwanted medication t the in accord with Federal and state guidelines.