Medication Distribution Systems

MedCare utilizes the following medication distribution systems for cost compliance, safety and accountability:

  • Medicine-on-Time
  • Automed
  • 30 Day Punch Card
  • Vials


  • Patient specific medications are packaged in a series of dosage cups in color coded frames.
  • Each container is patient specific with two or more medications.
  • Each container is labeled identifying the drug, strength and time to be administered.
Medicine-On-Time Medicine-On-Time Medicine-On-Time


Automed offers the best in packaging flexibility. We can mix or separate meds as needed. Unit dose or multi-dose, critical or non-critical drugs. No matter what packaging protocol you prefer, Automed can accommodate it quickly and efficiently.

Designed with your medication scheduling needs in mind, Automed dispenses medications in a more timely manner and with shorter durations in response to changing prescriptions. This better facilitates your patient medication schedules, reducing waste and time handling excess or discontinued medications.

Automed Automed

30 Day Punchcard

Utilization of the 30 day blister card enables compliance, safety, and accountability.

Each medication distribution system offers its own benefits, depending on the specific needs of the facility’s residents and the skill set of the facility staff.

Each system can be tailored to your facility’s specific needs and implemented in a way that will decrease the number of med-passes, saving your staff dispensing time which in turn will save your facility dollars and enable you to maintain your high level of resident care.