Billing and Records


MedCare will provide monthly billing for goods and services according to facility specifications (typically, all bills are submitted directly to the resident or resident’s responsible party). A local billing representative will be assigned to work directly with the facility’s billing department to customize the billing system desired.

The billing representative will ensure correct and prompt submission of statements and immediate responses to all inquires from the facility and/or residents. All billing issues will be resolved as they arise. MedCare will conduct in-services for residents’ families to explain, billing policies and procedures, insurance plan issues (Medicare D, etc.), and answer any other questions or concerns they may have.

Medicare Part-B Services

MedCare specializes in billing Medicare Part-B products and services and can provide all products covered by Medicare Part-B including: diabetic supplies, enteral nutrition, ostomy products, and all medical supplies and equipment.

Medicare Part-D Services

To prevent unwarranted charges to the resident, the pharmacy will constantly assess comparative plan information of Medicare PDP coverage, formulary, and costs. The pharmacy is familiar with all aspects of Medicare Part-D and will provide current information regarding plan selection and regulations to facility and resident when desired.

Discounted Pricing; Additional Cost Savings

MedCare is unique as a long-term care supplier in that we offer deep discount pricing for many of our products. Our automated systems and efficient internal operations enable us to reduce our expenses and pass those savings on to the facility. MedCare prices all OTC medications (and a number of other medications) at competitive discount retail prices.

In addition, MedCare further reduces costs by implementing protocols such as our Drug Regimen Review (which decreases the number of medications a resident takes per day (correspondingly decreasing the number of med-passes, saving the resident dollars and the facility time) and a seven days supply of medication (which saves residents dollars on discontinued medications – only offered with certain medication distribution systems).

Medical Records

Maintenance of medical records and reporting can be a burden for the facility and its staff. MedCare will work closely with facility to reduce this burden and will provide specialized reports to meet all facility needs, including nonexclusively: Physician Order Forms, Medication Administration Records, Treatment Administration Records, Antibiotic Reports, and Antipsychotic Reports.

All reports are provided at no cost. Direct Access to all reports may be made available through MedCare’s Facility Access Portal.